Transformation Talks – Emma Muller

Culture change is key to successful transformation.


Hamilton Forth welcomed Howden Compressors Managing Director, Emma Muller, to lead the latest in the Transformation Talks series. Here we share some key points from the event.

As an experienced finance professional, operational excellence expert, and Managing Director, Emma Muller has experienced significant business transformation. In her talk, Emma identified the key areas of transformation to be; change, people, culture, and engagement.

The role of a leader is to bring people together during a time of change. Emma explained the key ways in which a leader can engage with people, influence culture and win hearts and minds:

  • Inspire and Motivate – express confidence, decisiveness and optimism about the vision and its implementation
  • Be inclusive – generate diverse ideas, empower associates and get great teamwork at all levels
  • Walk the Talk – do not lose sight of the individual, walk to talk and “go to gemba” regularly
  • Learn it All, not Know it All – be open to new ideas and learning opportunities
  • Over Communicate – with passion, enthusiasm and optimism, and generate two-way dialogue with associates

Emma shared examples of her own experiences of transformational change, and identified some of the common challenges, particularly resistance to change in established industries or from long serving members of staff. Attempting ‘a one size fits all’ solution to change, failing to align values and behaviours as well as financial goals to the strategy and a lack of inclusion can all have a negative impact.

What was clear, is that Emma identifies people as the most important asset to a business, and the main determinant of organisational culture. If people are engaged and empowered, they are more likely to be committed to deliver, resulting in improved financial performance, safety standards, and a happier workplace!

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