Technology In Focus – Are you acquiring talent, or recruiting?

In the modern economic climate, a true mix of possibility, expectation and uncertainty prevails.  Will you be the early bird catching the worm, or the slow and steady tortoise that wins the race?  Recruiting into Technology is no walk in the park, nothing stays the same, and market pressures fluctuate constantly.  Time is money, however success is also data, speed, security, reporting, engagement, influencing…. the list is almost endless!! The race for talent is real, does employee loyalty exist – so many questions, are there any answers?

Many organisations look to the future, considering their strategic direction, opportunities on the horizon, and the assumed “plotted plan” for world domination.  This is the perfect time to ensure your business finds a balance between acquiring talent and recruiting for business as usual, whilst employees are loyal, they are also incredibly open to opportunities.

When I talk to clients about Talent Acquisition, I am careful to explain what I mean – my own personal definition is “affording yourself, or your company, the luxury to employ or entertain talent before you necessarily know you need it”.  Many sectors see the benefits and reap the rewards of this maverick approach to recruitment, particularly in innovative and creative sectors.  It doesn’t substitute recruiting for business-critical replacements or specific roles or indeed contingent vacancies, but compliments your business vision and strategic direction.  It’s not for everyone, and can occasionally go wrong, however it shows the market, your competitors and your clients that you mean business and you stand by your strategy.

What is my role in Talent Acquisition then?

I am keen to promote the opportunity to actively look at Talent Acquisition, I am inspired by leaders that genuinely live and breathe their values; influencers that recognise the value in foresight; and trailblazers that ensure that succession planning and nurturing talent is second nature in their business.  These businesses will stand clear of competitors, as their rivals are without focus on the future, the true Talent Acquirers aren’t just paying lip service, they are actively promoting their philosophies and concepts, open to innovation and potential – looking beyond proven experience.

An environment that promotes and applies Talent Acquisition tactics in tandem with their regular recruitment process is a great company to work with, they will see the benefits in blended ideas and delight in employing a great cross section of diverse and complimentary staff.

Talk to us at Hamilton Forth, let us look at your Talent Acquisition plans, and give you some considered suggestions – we look closer.

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