Hamilton Forth at London’s Calling Event

The Hamilton Forth Salesforce Talent team was delighted to attend the 7th edition of London’s Calling at the beginning of June at The Brewery in London.  London’s Calling is Europe’s largest community led event for Salesforce professionals with over 700 people attending and was Hamilton Forth’s first big Salesforce event.  It truly was a fantastic event to attend and be part of and we share some of our highlights below.

Getting Started

We started off the day bright and early for a lovely breakfast of coffee and pastries outside in the Brewery courtyard (not before we managed to grab some free Salesforce swag – a travel mug – very nice!)  We were then straight into networking, meeting some familiar faces and candidates we have had the pleasure of placing into Salesforce jobs.   We couldn’t chat all day though and we made our way to the Porter Tun to catch the ‘welcome’ presentation and boy did that wake us up and get us excited for the day ahead!  It was great to see some famous Salesforce faces, hear more about the schedule which set us up for a fantastic set of speaker sessions for the rest of the day.

Sharing Industry Insight

Lynne, Ali, and I had already chosen the sessions we wanted to attend ahead of the event, so we all went off to our sessions to hear some amazing insight from industry experts.  Although we would have loved to have gone to more sessions, we wanted to mention a few of our favourites:

Getting the Job – Tips and Tricks for Salesforce Interviews and Careers

This was a chance to hear from the event sponsor Paul Battison from Cloud Galactico’s sharing some tips and secrets for delivering a successful interview as well as tips on how to grow your career.  A really great session with lots of career takeaways for new and experienced Salesforce professionals alike.

Get the Most from Mentoring – A Perspective from a Salesforce Mentee and a Mentor

I’ve had the privilege of having a Salesforce Mentor so it was nice to hear the experience of Silvia Denaro and her Mentor Nathaniel Sombu – a chance to see how you can forge a really positive Mentor/Mentee relationships and all of the benefits this brings to progressing and developing your career.

How to Attract Untapped Diverse Salesforce Talent

This was a particular favourite of the day with our Director Ali Shaw hearing such an inspirational Leader Gaspar Rodriquez talk through the key strategies and tactics for finding and attracting new, diverse talent from untapped sources.

5 Steps to Deliver an Awesome Demo

In recruitment, we sometimes need to prep our candidates on delivering a demo as part of the interview process so this session from the amazing Vicki Moritz Henry was really insightful going over 5 simple steps to improve a demo to wow your stakeholders!

Getting Past Imposter Syndrome With a Growth Mindset

I suspect we’ve all experienced Imposter syndrome at some point in our careers but it was great to her Leon Crisp talk through some key strategies  to empower yourself and defuse Imposter Syndrome by culturing a Growth Mindset.

Getting Reconnected

In amongst the sessions, we all had a great time networking with existing and new contacts.  Having the chance to speak with many great companies and meet contacts in person was so valuable.  As much as the virtual world has given us the chance to meet people and attend events, we may not have necessarily had the chance to attend in person normally, we found the meeting of people again face to face really helps build stronger relationships.  People were all so welcoming and happy to have a chat and as much as we all had something in common in Salesforce, we also had time to chat and get to know people on a deeper level, find personal commonalities as well as professional.  This is something I don’t think you get as much opportunity to do virtually and it’s left us excited and ready to attend more in-person events.

Overall, we all came away feeling energized, with new contacts to follow up with, new ideas for how we keep our service fresh and interesting but most of all, we learned new things about Salesforce, made new friends and managed to have a cuddle with old friends. London’s Calling will definitely be on the Hamilton Forth event calendar for the year.  Who knows – we may even apply for a Speaker slot ourselves!

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