Economic Recovery After COVID 19 – Why Digital Transformation is Key

It is well known that one significant impact of the COVID 19 pandemic is the rapid implementation of digital transformation in businesses across the globe.  Many organisations have reported that projects that were scheduled to take months or years were implemented within weeks when lockdown was imposed.

As the UK and other countries begin to transition out of lockdown, we look at the impact of this rapid transformation, and the next steps to boost economic recovery.

One of the most important things businesses can do as lockdown eases and businesses continue to adapt to the ‘new normal’, is review new digital processes that were put in place in response to lockdown.  As many of these were rushed through due to necessity, it is important that they are carefully reviewed to make sure that all processes and systems in place are robust enough to support businesses over the coming months and years.

As part of this review, businesses should look at the systems they have in place to monitor the efficacy of current systems and the ability to analyse and respond to the data produced.  By evaluating the performance of their technology systems, organisations can proactively address any issues.

Whilst we are beginning to see some non-essential workers return to offices and places of work, businesses should be prepared for the fact that many of their workers may not be able to, or may not wish to, return to the physical workplace at this time.  This may be down to underlying health conditions, caring commitments etc.

There also remains the possibility that regional lockdowns may occur as the pandemic continues to play out.  Therefore businesses should continue to invest to ensure that staff are protected and the business remains agile.

With the likelihood of so many people continuing to work remotely and the requirement to access confidential business information from unsecured devices, it is essential that businesses implement robust data protection policies and protect themselves from the risk of cyberattacks, which increased dramatically during the pandemic.

By learning from the events of the past few months, investing in technology and responding to the data, businesses can secure their futures and ensure we remain on the path to economic recovery.

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