Driving PMO Value

As transformational agendas continue to develop and mature, organisations are reviewing their approach to Change and how larger programmes of work are being delivered. Measuring ‘success’ can be particularly challenging and many organisations are now looking to the Project Management Office (PMO) to enable flexible and adaptable practices which encapsulate broad programmes of work whilst promoting the application of tools and methodologies, driving benefits and results and aligning counter-dependencies.

For this very reason, the PMO has evolved from an operational, support function to a strategic portfolio management structure, led by seasoned Change professionals, translating strategic plans into action in, what can often be, a highly complex environment.

Whilst governance, oversight and risks are still a vital and core part of PMO activities, data and insights are being utilised to drive tactical decision-making, highlighting continuous improvement opportunities and enhancing sustainable outcomes.


Andrew Flannigan, a highly experienced PMO and Change consultant, shares his views regarding the significant value a strategic PMO can demonstrate:

Transitioning the tracking to driving decisions:
‘Replacing the anchors of data monitoring with analysis will drive decision making. Take a focus on the key decisions, the data and logic to make them, supported by co-created and informed recommendations. This coupled with an intimate understanding of the stakeholders will drive stronger outcomes.’

Really understand stakeholders. All of them!
‘Beyond the method is the real need to understand those that make change happen and those that are impacted by change. Accept that their role is tougher than the PMO one and tailor the PMO to suit. Avoid the “one-size PMO fits all” mentality and focus on persuasive partnerships.’

Prepare to put partnership over process.
‘Strive for a pragmatic PMO that shapes the method on the needs of the individuals but without dilution of governance. Achieve the Chief Honesty Officer role but as a trusted advisor too.’


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