The Successful Launch of Transformation Talks

Hamilton Forth saw the successful launch of the ‘Transformation Talks’ series last week, with an interactive discussion led by Fraser Ingram, Chief Information Officer and Innovation & Change Director at the Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banking Group (CYBG).

‘Transformation is Key to Strategic Success.’

The attendees were immediately captivated Fraser’s very open and engaging style and, whilst the conversation focussed on the exceptional change journey and expansive digital strategy at CYBG, the topics, insights and knowledge share transcended industry and ensured everyone had plenty of take-aways.

Fraser joined CYBG in early 2016 and has played a pivotal role in the technical separation from NAB, also developing CYBG’s digital banking platforms, and helping to redesign and modernise the bank through building a ‘true’ transformative culture.

The discussion edged towards the significant increase in volumes of mobile activity and transactions. Customers are far more engaged and active in how, where and when they manage their finances and this connectivity demand is similar across many industry sectors. This highlighted the importance of the user experience, creating value for consumers and ensuring services and functions are meeting and exceeding expectations.

With thousands of change items running simultaneously, how does Fraser prioritise and ensure things stay on track and coordinate and intersect at the right junctures without the threat of change fatigue setting in? I have summarised and highlighted some of the key insights below:



  • Downsize and simplify – shrink the core and build on top
  • Coordination of the plan – communicate and ensure there is synergy in approach
  • User experience – listen, learn and create value
  • Enterprise connectivity – you cannot provide exceptional customer experience if your colleagues do not have the appropriate tools
  • Understand the skills and capabilities employees are going to need as change is embedded
  • Data insights and analytics should underpin business decisioning
  • Ensure you build relationships with key partners and third parties, and continually review gaps in capability
  • To operate at your optimal, be yourself and surround yourself with people that bring different skills and strengths

For more information of our Transformation Talks series, please contact Sara Harrison, [email protected] or Angela McCann, [email protected]

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