Technology and Change – The Rise of Interim Recruitment

The way we work is changing.  The on-demand economy, geopolitical environment, and changing personal values are slowly shifting the structure of business, and forcing us to look for new ways to address organisational needs.

A clear trend that we have experienced at Hamilton Forth as a result of this is the rise in the number of companies looking to hire senior technology and change professionals for interim contracts.

Typically, demand is two-fold; gap management needs, and technology change facilitators. With the adoption of robotic processes and automation, organisations are increasingly looking for interims who can use these tools to improve operational efficiencies in services and non-technical back office functions.

With change in mind, organisations are looking for interim hires who can be deployed to implement transformation and leave the company in a stronger position for the permanent hire to take the reins; a trend that will continue to play out throughout the year.

For many start-ups or fast-growing businesses, hiring an interim technology and change professional for a particular project or time period is the ideal way to access the required knowledge without the risk of adding to overheads long-term.

Other organisations are turning to interim technology and change hires as a way of safeguarding their businesses against the backdrop of economic uncertainty brought on by Brexit and other political factors.  There is also a trend for hiring contractors with specific expertise for in-house projects rather than outsourcing to large organisations at significant cost.

The large number of experienced technology and change professionals now rejecting the traditional career path in favour of flexible, freelance or contract working means there is a significant talent pool available to cover short-term project-based roles.  The number of people looking to work in this way is likely to increase as we see an increasing number of Millennials enter the market.

By recruiting technology and change professionals on an interim basis, you are accessing a flexible, specialist workforce that has wide ranging experience and can offer an outsider’s perspective on your business issues.  With increased productivity and budget certainty from the outset, the benefits to your business are significant.

Increased competition for highly qualified specialist technology and change professionals, can mean the hunt for the ideal permanent employee is a long and challenging process.  An interim hire can also offer an ideal short term solution that allows business needs to be met.  In some cases, the right interim candidate can end up being a permanent solution with the benefit of having already tested the working relationship.

At Hamilton Forth we have a live database of experienced, verified, and available senior technology and change professionals including: Business Change & Transformation Managers/Analysts, Business Architects, DevOps, AI & Machine Learning, IoT, Data Scientists, BI & Analytics and Cyber & Information Security.  Get in touch with our interim technology and change team to discuss how we can use our contacts to benefit your business.

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