Sharing the Salesforce Journey – John Tsang, Salesforce Administrator

Hamilton Forth Salesforce Talent Team, Hazel Swan and Lynne Munro had the pleasure of meeting up with John Tsang who  recently moved from Hong Kong to Edinburgh in pursuit of his passion in Salesforce Digital Transformations with a keen interest in the non-profit sector.

In Hong Kong John  managed charitable projects worth over £900k focused on Arts, Education, Marine, and COVID-19 related sectors.  He also co-founded a non-profit organisation called Green Hope Hong Kong, which delivers sustainable environment through community engagement.  He successfully managed and developed the project, “Municipal Solid Waste Audit and Waste Reduction at School”, which was sponsored by the Environment and Conservation Fund .

Since moving to the UK, John has achieved his Salesforce Admin Certification after organically growing into the Salesforce Administrator role with his employer back in Hong Kong.  His next goal is the Business Analyst and Non-profit Consultant Certifications.


You’ve recently moved to Edinburgh from Hong Kong?   Why Scotland?

Whilst I have not travelled to Scotland and even UK before, in Hong Kong, I feel there is so much pressure for people to follow the common expectations of working in a job just to pay for property, get married and have children, rather than following your goals and purpose in life for fulfilment and happiness.

I must be frank, we choose Scotland  mainly because my wife’s family had a friend in Edinburgh which made it easier for us to make the move and to settle.  I am now studying a master’s degree in business administration at home with University of the People and have a parttime job in Sainsburys in Stockbridge which has helped improve my English and communication skills.   My purpose of moving is to achieve a better quality of life for myself and wife and pursue happiness in our work life balance.


What attracted to you to a Salesforce career?

I worked for two years in Hong Kong in the philanthropy department of John Swire & Sons providing rounded support, including administration and project management.

While joining during COVID-19, I identified the huge knowledge gap between the Salesforce Consultant and our internal stakeholders as no one in the team were using Salesforce for business analysis and technology.  I was given permission to work with the Salesforce Consultant to start the review of the Salesforce design to enhance the platform.

As a result, I identified the pain points and worked with the department to enhance and fully utilise the Salesforce Platform within that area. This experience of setting up, managing and utilising Salesforce as a data management system has fascinated me to step forward in advancing my knowledge in culture change management, project management, as well as digital transformation. As digital transformation is the key to success in this data-driven world, I believe working in Salesforce will leverage the positive impact to the organisations to generate social value.


How did you start learning? Where did you start?

Before I got involved with the Salesforce project in Hong Kong I didn’t have any technical or hands on knowledge of how to improve the system, but I have a keen interest and ability to learn IT skills quickly and love to learn by doing. With my knowledge of Agile project management & Scrum, I was able to work with the Salesforce Consultant to communicate with different stakeholders directly and learned to create the demo and develop the technical skills of automation, mainly focusing on workflow and process builder.


What would you say has been your most valuable learning experience so far?

I would say the most valuable learning experience is the two years of learning on the job revamping the Salesforce structure, being  fortunate enough to have the support of the Salesforce Consultant. That was a very productive and impactful journey as it opened my eyes about Salesforce and the practical experience on how technology can help the operation of non-profits.


Have you found that recruiters have been helpful? 

As of today, the only recruiter I have spoken to is Hamilton Forth. I arrived in Edinburgh three months ago and have connected with different recruiters, usually through their job openings on their website and they have asked me to submit my application.

When connecting with Hamilton Forth, Lynne contacted me right away to arrange a Teams call.  I feel Lynne and Hazel gave me a lot of useful advice on how to get myself prepared for entering the Salesforce ecosystem in the UK.  They have conducted a comprehensive and in-depth review of my personal experience, provided me the status of the current job market, and more important mentored and advised me to help to achieve my goals.


What has your experience been so far during your job search in the UK?

It has been a positive experience for my personal growth and helped me to spot what my weaknesses truly are and provide me a space to overcome them.  In the first few days of arriving in Edinburgh, I was already hunting for jobs in the non-profits and philanthropy sector.

After experiencing some rejections and understanding more about the labour market in Edinburgh, I repositioned my thought process.

As a result, I decided to take my time to really clarify what my mission and values are and what I want long term in my career which will lead to a fulfilled and happy life.  I am now preparing and working with Lynne and Hazel to map out my development and career plan to find the right Salesforce Role.


What are your ambitions and career goals?

My goal is to lead the digital transformation of non-profits and a adapt data-driven culture in their governance and maximise their impact to generate social value.


Quick-Fire Round

Your favourite Trailhead module?

Business Analyst Best Practices. The reason is that playing as a BA, the key part is to communicate with customer and help them to understand about the gaps and solution as  I enjoy investigating the weakness and providing solutions to the customers.

Your favourite Salesforce Influencer?


Jessica Murphy. She is a wonderful educator with a strong vision and mission on helping small businesses and non-profit organizations. While she is the co-founder of 100DaysofTrailhead to nurture newcomer of Salesforce, she has also provided such a great resource and suggestions for anyone who is seeking change.

Your Next steps in three words.

Review, Prepare, Move On


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