Sharing my Experience: Leaving Ukraine to Start a New Life in Scotland

Due to the conflict in Ukraine, Dasha, a native Ukrainian has had to leave her home and husband to move to the UK with her 7-year-old son. She is living with a very kind sponsor family in my home neighbourhood Clarkston where she was introduced to me to see if I could assist in getting her with a new job.     

Following a very humbling conversation with Hamilton Forth’s Ali Shaw, we wanted to share her experience in the hope that someone in our network may be looking for a Data Analyst in the Glasgow area.  Dasha has given permission to share our conversation and if you have anything, please reach out directly to her. Dasha has the same rights to work in the UK as a UK citizen. 

Tell us about the process of moving to Scotland:

When the conflict began I posted on the web that myself and my son would be looking for a move to a safer country.  I was amazed with the positive response from a number of families.  After a few online conversations I had a great feeling about the sponsor family I now live with.  Once I had an agreement with them, I applied for a Visa that took 2 weeks to come through.  They were kind enough to organise flights for us from Poland to make a safe journey here.

How has settling in been?

As mentioned the sponsor family are so supportive.  They have 2 boys similar age to my son which is hugely helpful.  The local school is excellent and I’ve found the neighbourhood really nice to settle in. The family have been so kind.  East Renfrewshire has a Ukrainian community set up so it’s been nice to meet other people from home.  However, I am keen to get into an office and make new Scottish based friends as well.

Tell me a bit about your career:

I am currently working remotely for a chemical production organisation in Ukraine, where I work as a Business Analyst.  Prior to this I spent a number of years as a Data Analyst across different sectors where I work closely with the business utilising my excel skills and some Power BI.

What type of role are you looking for?

I’m keen to look at Data Analyst roles again.  I’m also looking for a role commutable in Glasgow that encourages office working as well as some remote.  As mentioned I want to make the most of my time here and meet new people. And the office is the best place for this.  I’m happy to see what is out there and hopefully make a positive difference.


If you want to get in touch with Dasha directly, please drop her a note via her LinkedIn profile.

Can we help?

If you are looking for IT recruitment support, please get in touch with our team of experts.

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