Putting People at the Heart of Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is a key business priority for businesses across sectors.  Many organisations undergoing a digital transformation process focus on the benefits that new technology will bring to their business, and are keen to adopt the latest tools to transform their processes, engagement, and operations.

However, by focusing solely on technology, and not on people, lasting digital transformation will not be realised.  Here we look at some of the key ways to ensure your workforce is fully prepared in order to achieve digital transformation success.

Changing Workforce Mindset

Employees that have access to the latest technology and digital processes still won’t achieve success if they haven’t been coached on achieving a digital mindset.

Digital advancement of the organisation should be linked to its purpose in order for it to be authentic.  It is essential that employees fully understand their employer’s vision for the transformation and the positive impact it will have on the workplace before they can be expected to commit to a new way of working.

To ensure employee buy-in and set your company up for successful digital transformation you should:

  • Set out a clear vision for digital transformation to inform and inspire employees
  • Provide employees with learning opportunities that provide knowledge and motivate them to embrace new ways of working
  • Introduce employee ‘change champions’ to promote digital transformation to their colleagues

Encourage Behaviour Change

Successful digital transformation requires not only access to the latest technology, but a change in the way employees approach their work.   Without the appropriate skills and knowledge as to how to leverage data and use the newly available digital tools in conjunction with existing work processes, lasting change will not be achieved.

Individuals within an organisation should be encouraged to personally support digital transformation with opportunities for training addressing teamwork, innovation, and project management.  To achieve a successful digital transformation, employees will require learning opportunities that enable them to think and act differently.

Lead from the Front

Strong leadership is essential for successful digital transformation.  Leaders should be fully on-board with any transformation programme, and demonstrate to employees the behaviours and mindset required for digital transformation to be a success.

Offering training to your leadership team during a transformation programme is valuable as it allows leaders to provide clarity to their teams during this time of change.  By providing training, they can drive digital transformation by:

  • Encouraging communication from and with employees to provide guidance and advice throughout the transformation process
  • Supporting their employees through learning and competency development
  • Recognising the actions of those in the workforce who are using digital thinking and tools to improve customer experience/business processes

Whilst technology is the catalyst for digital transformation, workforce buy-in is required in order for it to be a success.  People bring digital thinking tools and processes together in order to truly transform the way in which business is done.  By providing your workforce with a clear vision for the transformation, the training required to improve their digital skills, and strong leadership, you are on track to achieve lasting digital transformation.


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