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The legal sector is one that has remained resistant to technological advances for perhaps the longest of all the professional services, thanks to its natural and institutional barriers to change.

Traditionally, the sector has looked inwards when recruiting technology and business change experts, taking on only those from within the legal sector.  However, as the sector begins to feel the full force of technological disruption, bringing with it the rise of NewLaw, we are starting to see a change in this dynamic.

These technological changes are revolutionising the competitive landscape for law firms.  Firms are increasingly experiencing pressure to transform and modernise legal operations with robust technological solutions.  The rise of blockchain technology and smart contracts, the drive for machine learning, AI, and automation, and even the rise of virtual law firms, are forcing firms to reconsider their approach.

At Hamilton Forth, we have experienced a noticeable shift in the number of law firms specifically requesting technology and change professionals from outside the legal sector.  We have seen a rise in senior technology leadership appointments across legal from a variety of industries including: retail, insurance, consulting, and financial services, and have recruited non-legal technology & business change specialists for a number of law firms, including Clyde & Co.

Discussing the work carried out by Hamilton Forth for Clyde & Co., Global CIO Chris White commented: “In my experience Hamilton Forth has access to an impressive range of candidates from a range of sectors and diverse backgrounds. This allows me to bring in staff with different experiences and can bring a fresh pair of eyes and a different perspective on our IT challenges, enhancing the capability of our IT team.”

With candidates increasingly looking to expand their experience and move from sector to sector, there is significant interest in roles within legal.  Working with a law firm offers candidates the opportunity to experience technology and change at work in large and complex organisations that deal in highly sensitive data from clients across many disciplines.

The opportunity for candidates to really lead and deliver change in a data rich and highly regulated industry is high on the agenda of many technology and change experts.

Whilst technological disruption continues to advance through the legal world and beyond, we predict that this demand for experts with cross-sectoral experience will continue, to the benefit of both clients and candidates.

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