Leadership in a Crisis – Lessons from Change and Transformation Professionals

Hamilton Forth is running a series of virtual networking events, inviting clients to get together online and discuss the challenges currently presented by the COVID-19 crisis, and sharing ideas and best practice as how best to tackle them.

The second in our blog series following the event looks at the leadership lessons senior change and transformation professionals have experienced as a result of the crisis.


Emphasise Empathy

Empathy is key at this time – really listen, give your team some space and try to understand how to best support them.

Be Open and Honest

Employees are looking for clarity and certainty.  This doesn’t mean having all the answers, but it is important to give guidance on how to achieve the information they need, and to be honest if you don’t have the information immediately to hand.

Stay True to your Values

An event such as this can’t be planned for, but you can plan your personal approach and reactions. Try to do the right thing in each situation and always do the best you can do. Make sure the advice and support you are providing is core to your values and do the right thing for you and your team.

Visibility and Presence

Visibility – even virtual – is essential.  Make an effort to ensure you and the rest of the senior team are visible and accessible, and available to address any concerns from the wider team.   The quicker people feel reassured and settled, the quicker they’ll return to full productivity

Be Clear on Purpose and Priorities

In uncertain times, be clear on purpose and priorities and take time to reassure staff, as it is not unusual for people to question their purpose and importance during times of uncertainty.

Focus on Wellbeing

Prioritise colleague wellbeing and allow flexibility – giving people the space to adjust in their own way to the change. We all have different coping mechanisms.  It is important to reassure your team that they will be supported to deal with the changing situation and their own personal journey.


Look out for the next blog in our series, which shares tips from our event panel on staying motivated during lockdown.

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