Innovating for Success – the Importance of Strong Leadership

A strong leader knows that their success relies on the team they lead.  Great leadership requires the ability to bring out the best in others – to motivate, inspire, and learn from them.

Leaders with an open-minded approach, who are comfortable surrounding themselves with talented individuals and are open to new ideas, are those best placed to achieve their strategic goals that link to organisational success.

We look at four ways in which your leadership team can embrace innovation to achieve success.


Embrace Creativity

In our fast paced world, reward comes to those open to new ideas.  Whether it be a new service, a new product, or a new way of approaching an old process, leaders that encourage and embrace creativity and new ideas are more likely to discover opportunities for growth.  Leaders should encourage and embrace creativity, discussion, and opinion sharing amongst their team to harness the full potential of their business.

Empower the Team

By trusting their team, and keeping an open mind to new ideas, leaders can create an environment where individual employees feel empowered to take a proactive approach to solving problems and are accountable for finding solutions.

Strong leadership, alongside a culture of flexibility and openness, allows teams to come up with innovative solutions, leading to new ways of thinking that will benefit the business in the long run.

Recognise and Reward Innovation

Listening to and recognising innovative ideas from across the business inspires confidence and encourages innovation, even if not all ideas are implemented.

Recognising and rewarding innovation successes at all levels within a business also encourages a culture that values innovation.  Employees will be more likely to come forward with their own ideas and approaches, keeping the cycle of innovation going within the organisation.

Integrate Innovation into Strategy

By formerly integrating innovation into strategic management objectives for your senior team, innovation can be not only encouraged but also managed, tracked, and measured as a key element in a company’s growth aspirations.


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