How Tech Businesses Can Stand Out in a Competitive Recruitment Market

Hamilton Forth’s Bruce Arrighi discusses how technology businesses can stand out in a competitive recruitment market.

The Technology recruitment market has changed significantly over the last 12 months with many businesses returning post-covid to hiring new staff driven by organic growth, investment, delayed projects being resumed, and the impact  of ‘the Great Resignation’. With more job vacancies than unemployed people for the first time ever in the UK, it is important to focus on how best we can attract the right talent in such a competitive market.

For many employers, this poses a major challenge, meaning they need to stand out from the crowd in order to attract and retain the best talent available. Here we look at ways in which businesses can stand out when making your next hire.

Recruitment and Interview Timescales

In the current market candidates are entering and leaving the market within a matter of days. Employers who are not moving quickly enough are losing out to businesses with smoother recruitment practices.

The virtual working world has seen interviews organised quickly via Zoom/Teams with no travelling required and this is speeding up recruitment timelines. Candidates will likely be in play for more than one role at a time and a delayed recruitment process even by a week or so can result in organisations losing out on top talent. .

In addition, recruitment processes that require candidates to attend multiple interviews only add to the lengthy timescales. Many companies are managing to reduce the number of interviews required for a role and whilst it is important to not compromise the quality of the interview process in pursuit of a speedy process however flexibility at interview certainly helps.

Flexible Working

Pre-pandemic, flexible working was occasionally discussed at interview, however since the pandemic there has been a real increase in candidate requests for flexibility and hybrid working options. Many people have now started to realise having been forced to work from home due to Covid19 that it works for them and allows them to balance their life more effectively.

While it can be hard for businesses to get the right balance to ensure the needs of the company are being met, it is a major factor for employees when deciding whether to consider a move to a new role or not.

The pandemic proved that the majority of  businesses can maintain or even increase their team’s productivity whilst working from home and so are embracing a hybrid model to get the best of both worlds and in turn get the best out of their employees.

Likewise, flexibility on work timings can be an attractive proposition to prospective candidates as it again allows them to work around their life outside work. Some businesses are starting to introduce a 4 or 4.5 day week which again can be very attractive to candidates.

Salary and Benefits

The demand for talent is pushing up salaries in the market but at Hamilton Forth we  are finding that if companies can address some of the key areas highlighted above, salary is often not the main driver for the best talent joining or remaining with your business.

Often the additional benefits on offer can be just as important too which could include flexible work patterns (such as 4 or 4.5 day weeks), a good pension, working with the latest technologies, and a flexible holiday allowance.

Overall, it is an exciting time in the Technology recruitment market at present with an abundance of opportunities available. With no signs of this slowing down it will be interesting to see some of the hiring trends throughout 2022.

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