Hamilton Forth Technology & Change Market Insights & Salary Guide – 2021

Hamilton Forth Technology & Change Market Insights & Salary Guide - 2021

Hamilton Forth Technology & Change Market Insights & Salary Guide - 2021

Pre Covid-19, Scotland was doing a fine job in establishing itself as one of the strongest tech sectors in the UK out with London and the South East, leading the way in areas such as big data, cyber security, AI, and gaming. It was an exciting time with strong communities being built and more organisations looking to move their tech hubs into Scotland. Blessed with our world class universities, strong growing tech clusters, community focus, hugely talented workforce and that special Scottish hospitality we have seen our tech sector grow to over 9,000 tech specific companies.

During lockdown we have seen many organisations speed up their digitalisation projects with many having to move quickly to e-commerce platforms, introducing new apps and moving their full workforce to remote working. This has put even more pressure on hiring managers to ensure they have the best tech talent in place that will see their business survive the toughest of times.

Research behind the Hamilton Forth Technology & Change Market Insights & Salary Guide shows that due to this demand and importance of having the best talent available, compensation remains extremely important in retaining and attracting the best talent, but given economic circumstances, a focus across other aspects of job roles should also be considered.

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