Consultant Spotlight – Bruce Arrighi

When I first had a conversation with the Hamilton Forth team prior to joining the business, I was struck by their drive to evolve the approach to recruitment from the traditional model.  With a focus on investing time and energy into developing long-term relationships with clients and candidates, there is a move away from the more transactional approach to filling roles.

At Hamilton Forth and the wider Livingston James Group, the goal is to keep our purpose front of mind in all our interactions, whether they are with clients or candidates.  By helping people and organisations to fulfil their potential to impact lives and communities for the better, our appointments are focussed both on the short and long-term career and business goals of the people and organisations we are working with.

This focus on fulfilling potential and maximising impact for the better also plays out in the wider culture of the business.  The team is friendly and supportive and always happy to help, whether that is making an introduction to a potential client, or just taking the time to talk you through the part of the business that they are responsible for.

I was fortunate to be introduced to Hamilton Forth by another member of the Livingston James Group, Derek Lauder, who I knew through my involvement in my local tennis club.  Our mutual love of sport is shared by many of the wider team, and the Group has run several events highlighting the connection between elite sports performance and business leadership with sportspeople such as Leon Smith and Mark Beaumont.  One of my goals at Hamilton Forth is to further explore this link between elite sport and business, particularly focussing on the use of data to influence strategy and leadership in elite sport today.

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