Communication – the Key to Successful Culture Transformation

As any leader will tell you, especially those working to implement a process of change and transformation, a sound communications strategy is a must.  Whilst there are so many plans and processes to put in place during a period of transformation, neglecting communications will only hold up the process.

Here we look at some of the key messages to include in your communications messaging to your organisation.


Set Clear Goals

If you are in a leadership position within your organisation, you have a clear view of where your business is now, and where your transformation process will take you.  However, it is important to remember that not everyone within your organisation shares this overview.  By clearly communicating your current situation, and your goals for the future using measurable terms and in language familiar to your workforce, you will increase engagement with and enthusiasm for the process.

Start with Communication

Don’t be tempted to wait until your transformation process is in progress before sharing your goals and aspirations for the transformation process. By communicating early in the process, your employees will be prepared for change and ready to meet any challenges.  Continuing your workforce communication on a regular basis will ensure that employees stay informed and engaged with the process.

Involve Employees in the Process

By starting communications early, and in advance of any implemented change, you can involve your employees in the decision making process around your transformation programme.  Asking for their feedback and input where possible will increase personal buy-in to the process, making them more invested in a positive outcome for the process, and increasing the likelihood of your organisation achieving its goals.


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