Changing the Change Programme – Adapting to Make Change Endure

Transformation Talks with Brian McLaren, Director of Group Change at SSE

This week we welcomed Brian McLaren, Director of Group Change at SSE to lead our latest Transformation Talks event.

An experienced HR and Change professional, Brian’s remit has been creating and driving transformation in SSE during significant change in energy markets.  Leading a strategic Operating Model review created the new SSE organisation focusing on creating value from developing, operating and owning energy and related infrastructure in a sustainable way.

Brian looks to drive change through the ‘spine’ of the business, identifying who is most impacted by the change, and aiming to empower their direct managers to support them, whilst ensuring that line leaders provide and sustain the support required to help individuals change.

Whilst recognising that change has always been hard to implement, there are principles to be aware of that allow a business to adapt in order to make change endure;

  • Allow time to adapt
  • Compromise
  • Listen to stakeholders
  • Respect management time and focus
  • Create a spine
  • Find the agitators
  • Communicate x10
  • Use the RAPID framework to allocate decision roles

The ensuing questions and debate cemented what was a very enjoyable morning. A big thank you to Brian McLaren for leading our discussion.

If you would like to hear more about the Hamilton Forth Transformation Talks series, please contact Angela McCann at [email protected]

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