Staying Motivated During Lockdown – Lessons from Change and Transformation Professionals

Hamilton Forth is running a series of virtual networking events, inviting clients to get together online and discuss the challenges currently presented by the COVID-19 crisis, and sharing ideas and best practice as how best to tackle them.

The final blog in our series following our first event looks at tips on how to stay motivated during lockdown from senior change and transformation professionals.


Establish a Routine

Creating a routine – and sticking to it – is key.  Everyone is different, but it might involve exercising every morning, taking time for a coffee away from your desk throughout the day, or taking a break to have lunch with your family.  Use the night before to plan your day and schedule in breaks to ensure you take them.

Set Strict Boundaries

Working at home, it’s even easier to work late into the evening.  Set a ‘switch off’ time for your day and don’t go back to work again after you’ve logged off.

Be Realistic about Productivity

This is a unique situation that is new to all of us.  Be honest with yourself and others about your productivity levels, what you can achieve, and what it looks like.  And don’t be afraid to refuse a video call request if you’re suffering from ‘Zoom fatigue’!

Check in with Friends and Family

Most of us are more isolated than we have ever been.  Make sure to take time to check in with friends and family, and look for ways in which you can help them with their own experience of lockdown.

Learn from Others

All businesses and business leaders are experiencing tumultuous times.  Use your network to share experiences and best practice, and take the time to learn from others to find out how their organisations are coping and adapting.

Look for the Positives

Whilst it’s not always easy, look out for the positives, and consider this an opportunity to better yourself, support others, and help the community.  Look for development opportunities, professional or personal – you might discover a new talent!

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